Zsolnay Mausoleum

The mysterious mausoleum was built on a hill in 1913 right behind the Zsolnay Manufacture in a district called Ledina (in Felsővámház street). The founder of the manufacture; Vilmos Zsolnay, his son; Miklós and other members of the family rest in the tomb. By the beginning of the 1990s, the building's state had become undeservingly run down. It was only due to the enthusiastic work of a local patriot person called Laszlo Lovas that the mausoleum has been preserved.

The present reconstruction of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter includes the renovation of the mausoleum as well, however parts of it will never be the same as before (the crypt for example will remain closed for the public). Legend has it that on the occasion of midwinter (21 December) light arriving from above illuminated the sarcophagus so that fortunate persons could see the secret of the eosin. Few people know that the route leading to the mausoleum from the train station is marked with free mason motifs (Zsolnay statue, the tower of the university, Felsővámház). When finally entering the gate a 131 metres long promenade leads to the tomb. The mysterious building will be ready to visit from the outside from the beginning of November. Later, when restorations are finished the interior will also be open for public.


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