My real references are my large number of satisfied guests.

In Hungary :

I was the guide, hostess or programme manager of

  • the VIPs – delegations and ambassadors from Indonesia, Turkey, Great Britain, Japan, Egypt, Philippines, Nigeria, Canada, India, Vietnam,
  • conferences and congresses (ICEE, IBRO, ISBC, ISSMGE)
  • business tours
  • great international programmes of Pécs and Hungary (Europe Cantat, Folkloriada, European Capital of Culture)

as the guests of the City of Pécs, Baranya County, European Capital of Culture, Zsolnay Porcelainmanufacture.

I work with lots of

  • travel agencies, tour operators (Tensi, TTU, Grand Tours, TUI, UNIWORLD, Welcome Touristic, Cityrama, Chemol Travel, Blaguss),
  • sightseeing companies (Cityrama, Baranya Tourist),
  • hotels (Hotel Palatinus, Hotel Pátria, Sopianae Hotel, Hotel Kikelet, Hotel Corso, Bagolyvár, Hotel Makár)
  • companies (Hauni Hungaria, Cezar Winery, Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra),
  • cruise agencies (TTU, Tensi, Welcome Touristic, TUI, Blaguss, Gala Tours) and
  • the Bishopric Pécs


In abroad:

I have already been in almost all European countries, I have a great experience and practice in travelling since 1990. I’ve travelled from the Far East to America. I was the guide in Lourdes and Rome with pilgrim groups, we had a trip in Italy, and I worked in Greece as a local guide.


„Zsuzsi is an energetic, enthusiastic, charming guide with wide knowledge, who finds her way into our hearts, and we would like to travel with her again in our trips.”

"Ooh thaanks .. we realy enjoyed our time with you ... Thank you .. you are the best"