Tettye (pronounce as "tatthe") is one of the most picturesque places of Pécs. In fact this is a separate district that lies in the somewhat secluded north eastern part of the old town. Stone breakers, miners shaped the valley in the past which was also the home of mills up until the Late Middle Ages, thanks to the rich Tettye creek. One can feel the special microclimate that is cooler than elsewhere in the city. Tettye is perfect for relaxing your mind. It is like you are in another town. Just escape from the city and take a walk and a few deep breaths here, visit the park or the botanic garden called Pintér-kert (Pintér garden). Influenced by the sub-mediterranean climate, the territory of the Mecsek Mountains is extremely rich in botanical, zoological and geological values. The picturesque arboretum in Pinter Garden contributes to the preservation of these values. Simply enjoy this peaceful part of Pécs. Don't miss the small cave beneath the ground and find out the city legend about the mysterious dragon as well as the history of old Tettye.


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