1 day long tour

A beautiful day in Pécs 

Inner city walk

  • Széchenyi square - The Mediterranean main square of Pécs, with its beautiful buildings, statues, and the biggest Ottoman Mosque of Hungary, the most popular meeting place of the citizens of Pécs.

  • Padlock fence - The Lovers' Gate formed by young people in love.

  • Early Christian Burial Ground: Cella Septichora -The Centre introduces the most beautiful edifices of the 4th century Early Christian Burial Ground which, owing to its unique value, became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.

  • St. Stephen square with the Cathedral - The thousand years old bishopry's treasury and the biggest Hungarian crypt in one of the nicest squares of Middle East Europe.

  • Champagne Cellar - Exciting adventure tour in the cellar labirynth of the Champagne factory on 5 levels with torch and with tasting if you want

  • Mosque of Jakováli Hasszán Pasha - an active mosque with minarett

Free time - lunch

Guided inner city tour on the sightseeing, rattling train to the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

  • Live Manufacture - Eozin workshop with the painters
  • The world famous 600-piece Zsolnay collection of Gyugyi at Sikorski House
  • Zsolnay Mauzoleum - cemetery of the Zsolnay family

Free time, shopping


Tour length: 1 day

Entrance ticket: Mosques, Cella Septichora, Cathedral, Champagne Factory, Sightsiing train, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter combined ticket




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 10% discount price is from the guide and from the Champagne cellar visiting with card.