Látnivalók Baranyában

Land House in Zengővárkony

It is a great example of the Hungarian folk architecture in Baranya. It displays an ethnological collection and a weaver workshop. The here prepared woven pieces keep the traditional color and shape world of the folk textile culture of Zengővárkony.

Zengő Tour

The highest peak of the Mecsek is the Zengő. It is 682 m high. Climbing it in good weather is an everlasting experience.

Castle of Szigetvár

The castle of Szigetvár is the symbol of patriotism and heroism in the Hungarian history. The heroic death of Miklós Zrínyi and his soldiers in 1566 is considered a greatly important historical point of our country. These brave soldiers were killed in action but Zrínyi didn't pass over the enhancements that were entrusted to him to the enemy who won by force of numbers.


The wine range of the village is considered to be a memorial. A wine tasting program with dinner is an everlasting experience and you will return for sure.

Castle of Siklós

The most important sight of the city is the castle that played a major role in the control of the traffic between Pécs and Osijek and the monitoring of the Drava plain. It had many owners over the centuries. It is momentarily not available for visitors because it is being renovated.


It is the center of Hungary's oldest wine land. It has won many competitions with its delicious wines. Wine sellers and cellars are awaiting for the visitors.

Mosque of Siklós

Only the Mosque of Malkoch Bey remained from the 144 years Turkish invasion. The original walls were almost fully destroyed but with the help of a copper engraving and the archeological research it was possible to reconstuct the pray place in its original form.


Vajszló is the capital of the Ormánság. It is the home of the luscious melon. János Kodolányi author and publicist spent his childhood in the village. His one-time house is now trasformed into a museum.


Sellye is the biggest village in the Ormánság with its 3200 inhabitants. Of course, the local people regard Sellye as the capital of the Ormánság, not Vajszló. In the center of the village there is the Draskovich Castle from the 18th century, behind that there is the arboretum which contain a really interesting pinewood collection.

Egg Museum, Zengővárkony

The museum displays the varied and rich collection of folk artistic egg ornamentation, the collecting circle is mostly the Carpathian Basin. The national egg painter artists' creations are presented separately in terms of land units, but the visitors can find there pieces from Israel, China and Indonesia, too.

Castle of Pécsvárad

The first abbot of Pécsvárad was Astricus, who brought a crown to King Stephen the Saint from Pope Sylvester II. in 1000. The castle got its shape at the beginning of the 18th century, however, its military role ceased by that time.


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