City Wall Promenades

One of the best ideas of the near past was the restoration of the wonderful inner city facilities called "city wall promenades". The western and northern parts of the Middle Age city walls were renovated. The results are two beautiful terraced parks. One of them which is called the Northern City Wall Promenade is to be found north of the Cathedral. Both locals and tourists like to inhabit the park, which is separated from the noisy part of the downtown. Perfect for those who seek shade on a sunny day, but it also provides space for young people playing freezbee for example.

Perhaps the legendary terraced gardens of Babylon inspired the creators of the Western City Wall Promenade. High above the city you will be amazed by the fantastic view from the western terraces that are surrounded by nice trees and tiny kiosks. It has three different entrances. The main one is a wooden gate on Esze Tamás street. Close to Kórház Square by Kafka Inn you find another entrance, while you can also access it from Szent István square at the House of the Civilian Communities. Once you are in Pécs, you should not miss this garden. Purely magnificent atmosphere awaits you there. During the summer season it is also home of an open air "jazzy" beer garden and restaurant. Jazzy is not a mistake, they add literature to it too as they entertain you with concerts as well as literary events. Kultúrkert ("Culture Garden") in here is open throughout the season from May until October. It's awesome; once you are there you will keep coming back.


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