Saint Peter Basilica (Cathedral)

Saint Peter Basilica with its four spires is an emblematic jewel and the most known symbol of Pécs which proudly stands in the north-western part of the historical downtown. The Basilica witnesses both the Romanesque and the Gothic styles, showing Classicist features as well. The Tartars, the Turkish Rule, wars, fires all left their marks on it. Its present form is the result of its Neo-Romanesque reconstruction that took place at the end of the 19th century and that preserved the medieval undercroft. The Cathedral was ranked as a ‘basilica minor’ in 1993, when Pope John Paul II visited Hungary. Paintings of Ferenc Lotz and Bertalan Székely can be seen in the chapels. The Basilica's organ has recently been renewed thus it became one of the largest mechanical church organs in Europe. Thanks to the organ, perfect acoustic concerts and organ plays are often performed in the Basilica. During a recent renovation a time capsule that was laid in one of the towers in 1886 was discovered. The glass cylinder that survived World War II contained a parchment with Latin handwritten notes about the Cathedral's 1882 renovation and a few valuable Austrian Gulden coins.


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