Wandering in "Museum" Street

Take a nice walk in Káptalan Street and be fortunate to enter six different museums in one single street. If you want to make your walk even more substantial, why not start in the charming little Szepessy Street where you can admire the University Library, or even the nicely renovated building of the one time Klimo Library. At the end of this street you find yourself in Káptalan Street. The Zsolnay Museum and The Museum of the History of Mining are opposite neighbours. Vasarely's world famous op-art pieces such as Zebra 1938 and many others are just in the same yard as the Mining Museum. A few meters down the street you arrive in Schaár Erzsébet "Street" . She has created a new type of memorial.  The composition called „Street”, which fills the huge exhibition hall and includes several sculptures, she summarized everything she wanted to express about the relationship existing between man and their surrounding space. Then you can enter Dóm Museum that is a magnificent lapidarium of former stones and ornaments of the Cathedral. And finally you can visit the Csontváry Museum. Most of Csontváry’s world famous paintings are on display in Janus Pannonius Street.


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