Lyceum Church

There are several hidden or quasi-hidden treasures in Pécs that are worth seeing or visiting again. One of them is a genuine Late Baroque style Catholic Church called Lyceum Church. As with many monuments in Pécs, the history of this church also connects with the Ottoman Era, in this case with the fall of the Turkish rule. It was built on the same place where a Turkish mosque stood before. In fact, the stones of the Turkish mosque were used again when the new church was being built.

The name Lyceum comes from Bishop Ignác Szepessy who turned the friary into a school and the church became the venue of youth masses. Later in 1923 when Pozsony (Bratislava) University was moved to Pécs it became a university church. The church is attached to the one-time Pálos Monastery building, which nowadays functions as a secondary school.


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